Oklahoma Districts

of Oklahoma school districts surveyed by USDA say they participate in farm to school activities.




Another 14% of districts surveyed plan to start farm to school activities in the future.

(Note: of the 539 school districts in Oklahoma, 55% completed the USDA Farm to School Census.)



invested in local food in Oklahoma
with the average school district spending


of their budget on local products.
School districts in Oklahoma are currently buying the following types of local foods:
  • 74%

  • 63%

  • 18%

  • 12%

    meat or poultry


of Oklahoma districts surveyed plan to increase local food purchases in the future.
Oklahoma school districts are serving local items throughout the school day. In Oklahoma local foods are being served at the following times:
  • 47%

  • 84%

  • 0%

  • 19%

  • 23%

    Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program
At least


school gardens are growing in Oklahoma
Tend and water those gardens; their benefits are well documented!
In Oklahoma,


of School Districts
Are Engaging Preschool Children
in Farm to School Activities.
In Oklahoma,


Of School Districts Are Using Local Foods in Summer Meals.
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Based on a tally of the number of votes received, the school district above was selected as a stand out in Oklahoma.
What we heard during the nomination process:
When the children see how food is grown they are more likely to try new vegetables. The sites that have gardens is a great way to learn about food sources and it helps those who participate to make the healthier food choice.
Congratulations to all the school districts in Oklahoma conducting farm to school programs.

From buying local food to planting school gardens to teaching kids where their food comes from, Oklahoma is ‘bringing the farm to school.’ Peruse the list below for more information on the great work taking place in Oklahoma.

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